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    Event City MEDIA

    The World @ Your Fingertips

  • Why EC MEDIA?

    About Event City Media

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    We Go Beyond Digital

    Why Don't You!

    You Too Can Have the World at your Fingertips

    We dive into the New Technology and embrace employ the Old School ways as well. No other Boutique Agency does that. To us it's natural. A digital marketing platform with a twist of your on the ground, guerrilla attitude, promotional marketing. We deliver outrageous t-shirts, postcards, and flyers to fabulous digital marketing solutions and online marketing services. Not just online, but offline as well!

    Ask us about our Auto-wrapping, Car Top Advertising and the soon to launch eWindow Display Advertising campaigns which include Digital Advertising Anywhere, Digital Video Advertising where you've never seen them before! We have new creative ways to optimize your brand combining the old ways with 21st century state-of-the-art tech some of which have not launched yet.


    All of you digital techno-geeks who love your techy web solutions, SEO, social media management, and other digital marketing solutions, lets' get excited about creativity with and without 21st century technology.

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    Media, Marketing & Advertising

    Old & New Ways of the

    World Combined

  • Old School & Digital Combined

    Build Your Brand and Attract New Customers On a Low Budget

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    Participate in Medium to Large-scale Events

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    Car-top Signage

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    Let Our Gurus Get You Started

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    T-Shirts, Flyers and Postcards Oh My!

    Imagination Unlimited Photography

    Photography, Video and Post Production

    Digitizing Retail, Restaurants, Events, Nightclubs and more

    Digital Where It's Never Gone Before!

    Imagine walking down the aisle at a grocery store and having images jump off the shelf with attractive video promoting your favorite products! Digital super thin screens showcasing your own products just about anywhere you like to present them. The future is here now and Event City Media is bringing it to you first!

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    Billboards, Street and Signage Advertising

    San Francisco South of Market

    Large Vertical Billboard

    Available Now

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    Billboards, Street and Signage Advertising

    Hwy 49 Jackson, California 

    Medium Vertical Billboard

    Parking Lot Product Activation

    Parking Lot Activations

    Parking your ideas and products right where they are, ready to soak it in and learn something new.Through the Foodie Villagetm activation program we’re able to create exciting and engaging experiences. A parking lot activation can help you create a great deal of foot traffic just through the visible aspect of your event.

  • Our Digital Services

    Creative solutions, Creative results for the Creative Communities

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    Search Engine Optimization

    An interesting fact involving SEO: 

    There are more videos on YouTube about Search Engine Optimization, its business and how it all works then there are of The Rolling Stones, Ed Sheeran and Lady Gaga combined.

    SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) PPC pay per click models are all part of the search engine ecosphere.

    The nature of the business and science behind SEO services changes often as it is directly related to the algorithms of the top search engine companies that provide those services. For much more details on these services contact us.

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    Reaching Individuals directly on their devices is primarily what digital advertising is all about.

    Attaching your business to the massive networks such as Fox, CNN, Google, Facebook and other names popular in Media and the online world, is much easier to do today than it has ever been. For a fraction of the cost you can create an ad campaign with a vast collection of digital ad banners fully customized to present your product or service in the correct manner for any given situation or advertising partner. You will be displayed on the platform of some of the biggest networks in the world. Applying some of the latest technology such as GEOfencing and GEO-targeting advertisements you can also acquire customers from your competitors, or collect a massive amount of potential new customers in virtually a short period of time.
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    Social Media


    What is Social Media?

    Do you need to reach out to your neighborhood or a local club? Or maybe your business model can sell internationally! No matter how small or large your business reach may be, Social Media is very important in today's overall business ecosphere, but it's not quite what you might think it is.

    Simply put, Social Media is everything above and below what you're reading right here right now. It's the ability to share who you are and what you do socially online, and many times offline, with an almost unlimited capacity and the option to apply automation which gives you much more time to create!!

    We Help You Automate So You Have More Time To Create!


    That's Social Media...

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    Online Shop


    Brick-and-Mortar Business, Pop-up Shops or an Online Megastore

    Regardless of how you generate income having the ability to solicit or even more importantly take an order online is more important today than it has ever been since the beginning of the global internet. Like the roaming vendor in the picture above, even though that picture was taken in the 70s it is a perfect example of what we call the Gig Economy today. He is a one-man band, a guy with a plan getting out there selling ice cream to whoever will buy. There are more independent contractors in the world today than there has ever been in the history of the world. Even though you may not consider yourself as part of the Gig Economy as a small to medium-size business owner you are involved and do business in the gig economy in one way or another.

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    Website, E-commerce Development

    Creating a web presence is no longer just about a website. Its important to create a plan to engage your audience, excite them about who you are, and ultimately help them reach their goals by introducing them to your products and services.

    Let our expert teams help you move your business forward. It doesn't matter what industry you're in we have solutions for you. Event planning, concert and event production, bands and musicians, singer-songwriters, decorators and designers, props, sets and themed decor, floral and greenery, food and beverage, and restaurants and retailers alike, our experts have worked with all of these industries and many more. Let's create a plan to help you accomplish your immediate  

    endeavors, as well as your future goals!

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    Online Reputation


    Reviews, VIP Clubs, Current and New Customer Interactions...

    Your online reputation starts with what you do offline. We help you grow by building your reputation from the ground up, and attracting new clients and creating special offers for your existing customer base. It doesn't matter if you're a startup or been in business for 20 years. It's now time to get online and into the groove helping your business grow automatically! Keep your hands on your business and what you do best, and let the digital world bring you into the 21st century. 

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